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Pro Discounts for Makeup Artists.

Are you a Pro Makeup Artist, Student, an Influencer, or thinking about becoming one? As you pursue a career as a Makeup Artist, costs add up significantly. This entails investing in a good school or training, premium makeup tools, high quality cosmetics, appropriate lighting and mirror to guarantee excellence in service.

Thankfully, beauty brands have created programs to support artists in their careers by offering Pro Discounts which provides access to high-quality products at discounted prices. But that's not all; they also organize exclusive events and classes aimed at enhancing artists’ knowledge and skills, potentially opening doors to more career opportunities.

We've listed beauty brands offering pro discounts to help enhance both your career and your savings.

1. Temptu Pro

Temptu offers free pro membership to eligible Artisan and Industry Level Artists. Get free classes, career opportunities, & exclusive offers. Apply Here.

Artisan Level

  • 30% off on select Temptu products for Eligible Pro Artist + Free Shipping

  • 2 qualifications

Industry Level

  • 15% off on select Temptu products for Eligible artists, students, & beauty industry members + Free Shipping

  • 1 qualification + Valid ID 

Application process: 3-5 business days for approval.

2. Laura Mercier

Laura designed this program to equip artists with tools, inspiration, and guidance, helping them improve and support their work. Apply here.

Professional Artists

  • 40% off for actively working lead makeup artist for editorial, TV, and Film.

Emerging Artists

  • 25% off for currently enrolled students in accredited makeup school or working as an assistant makeup artist.

Application process: 2-4 weeks for approval.

3. Urban Decay

As a gesture of appreciation for makeup artists who love Urban Decay, they offer free membership for the program. Plus, members get access to exclusive artistry deals and news from their website. Apply here.

Pro MUAs and MUA Students

  • 40% off on select Urban Decay products (valid at Urban Decay stores and online)

  • Available to US residents only

Application process: Up to 14 days to process.

4. NYX Professional

The Makeup Crew Pro was created for professional MUAs and students who share the love for makeup.

As part of the crew, get opportunities to collaborate with NYX Professional Makeup as a brand-sponsored artist at events, content co-creator, and professional makeup artist. Apply here.

Pro MUAs and MUA Students

  • 30% off on select Nyx Professional Makeup products online

  • Available to US residents only

Application process: Up to 14 days to process.

5. MAC Cosmetics

Enjoy exclusive benefits as a pro member, including discounts, master classes, access to events, monthly Artist Spotlights, pro-only privileges, and dedicated support. Apply here.

Makeup Artists

  • 40% off on M·A·C products online and free-standing stores

  • Valid current professional identification     

  • Fee: Non-refundable $35 (one year) or $65 (two years). Free for union makeup artists and agency-represented makeup artists.

Insiders(Hairstylists, cosmetologists, fashion stylists, models, influencers...)

  • 30% off on M·A·C products online and free-standing stores

  • Fee: Non-refundable $35 (one year) or $65 (two years). Free for union actors.

MUA Students

  • 20% off on M·A·C products online and free-standing stores

  • Only schools of makeup artistry, aesthetics, the performing arts, cosmetology, and photography are eligible.

  • Free membership

Application process: Submit proof of profession and payment details with your application. You'll receive an email confirmation within 3 days if approved, followed by billing.

6. Charlotte Tilbury

Join Charlotte Tilbury’s pro program and enjoy exclusive discounts, offers, and invitations to events and masterclasses. Apply here.

Pro MUAs and MUA Students (enrolled in makeup academies)

  • 30% off makeup & skincare online

  • Available to US and Canada

Application process: Up to 30 days.

7. Sigma Beauty Pro

As a pro member, enjoy early access to new product launches, exclusive behind-the-scenes previews, and a Sigma Beauty discount. You can also get sponsored for special events and more. Apply here.

Pro MUA, MUA Students, & Creative Pros

  • 20% off on everything Sigma Beauty

Application process: 5-10 business days.

8. NARS Pro

NARS Pro offers exclusive discounts, contents, PRO only events, master classes, access to New Launches, and Special Boutique Services and Open House Events. Apply here.

Pro Artist

  • 40% off on NARS products

  • US legal photo ID and 1 valid artist documents.


30% off on NARS products

  • US legal photo ID and 1 valid artist documents.

Apprentice (Industry students & assistants)

20% off on NARS products

  • US legal photo or one of the ff: School Transcript or Call sheet/Contract/Deal Memo

Application process: Up to 14 days

9. Cinema Secrets Pro 

Eligible Pro members will receive exclusive discounts on their products online. Apply here.

Platinum Pro

  • 40% off for pro MUAs working in all areas of production, film, TV & theater, bridal & personal services, or other industry freelance.

  • Photo ID & 2 valid artists documents

Gold Pro

25% off for makeup artist students, estheticians, cosmetologists, hair stylists, manicurists, on-air talent, models, actors, and performers.

  • Submit the ff: Student Enrollment, Student ID, Portfolio

Application process: Up to 10-15 business days

10. Make Up For Ever

You can never go wrong by choosing one of the three programs that Make Up For Ever offers. Apply here.

Backstage Program Get exclusive offers, new product previews, and exciting invite-only events.

Professional MUA

  • 40% off on products online and MAKE UP FOR EVER stores.

  • 2 years membership validity

  • US legal photo ID & 2 valid artist documents

MUA Students & Beauty Industry Pros

  • 30% off on products online and MAKE UP FOR EVER stores.

  • MUA students must be taking a min of 120hrs of makeup courses.

  • US Legal photo ID & 1 valid artist document.

Any submitted credentials must be current (within 90 days).

Pro Business Accounts

This program offers discounts to production offices in the film, TV, and stage industry, as well as to beauty school directors and owners. Additionally, enjoy exclusive access to events, new product previews, and

Production Accounts

  • 50% off the regular price of all MAKE UP FOR EVER products sold through the program.

  • For TV, Film & Stage

School Accounts

  • 50% off the regular price of all MAKE UP FOR EVER products.

  • Education programs focused on makeup artistry.

Contact Makeup For Ever for more information.

Master Classes Program

Train to become a Makeup Artist. Discover new skills or kickstart your career in the industry with Make Up For Ever's beginner and advanced virtual classes. Explore Programs.

11. Kett Cosmetics

Kett Cosmetics is renowned for its premium selection of makeup essentials. Join their program to enjoy exclusive benefits and offers. Apply here.

Pro MUA, MUA Students, & Beauty Industry Pros

  • 30% off on Kett Cosmetic product – excluding equipment

Application process: 2-4 weeks.

12. Naimie’s

As a pro member, you'll have access to exclusive products unavailable to the general public, receive special member-only newsletters, enjoy fast and free shipping, and get your membership for free! Apply here.

Pro MUA, MUA Students, & Beauty Industry Pros

  • 40% off on exclusive products not available together in any retail or online store

  • US and Canada residents only

You can shop immediately upon registration; however, your pro discount will only apply once your application is approved. The approval process is usually fast, and if additional credentials are needed, they will contact you.

13. Frends With Benefits Pro

Frends Beauty membership offers exclusive discounts to professional MUAs, students, and beauty industry pros. As a member, you can enjoy access to 'professional only' products online, sales and promotions, and an exclusive member newsletter. Apply here.

Pro MUAs

  • 40% off on select top brands & products

  • 2 valid artist documents

  • Free membership

Beauty Industry Pros

40% off on select top brands & products

  • 1 valid student artist document

  • Must be currently attending the program (Completed coursework must exceed 80+ hours)

Cosmetologist / Esthetician

  • 40% off on select top brands & products

  • State issued professional license

Application process: 1-3 business days.

14. Camera Ready Cosmetics

Camera Ready PRO Artist members receive exclusive discounts on brands like Danessa Myricks, Kiehl’s, RCMA, Viseart, Ben Nye, Kevyn Aucoin and more than 100+ PRO beauty brands! Discounts are available in-store and online for makeup artists, estheticians, hair stylists, beauty students and other industry professionals. Get more information at Camera Ready Cosmetics. Apply here

If you know of other Beauty Brands offering Pro discount, please share and comment below. Thanks!


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