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The new version of this Ring Light is a game-changer.

The NEEWER Ring Light 18 inch Kit is designed for professionals and enthusiasts alike, serving as your all-in-one solution for optimal lighting. Whether you're a Makeup Artist, Lash Technician, Photographer, or content creator, this ring light is tailored to meet your needs. It has over 63,000 ratings on Amazon.

ring light for Makeup artists
Photo credit: Neewer

I purchased this a few years back, and despite trying out different other lighting options since then, I find myself returning to this one. I appreciate how easy it is to set up, its lightweight design, the adjustable height and lighting that can get quite bright. All these features plus some add-ons at a reasonable price.

The newer version is more versatile and convenient. They've added more accessories like the soft tube, shoe ball head adapter, and shutter release.

NEEWER Ring Light 18inch Kit
NEEWER Ring Light 18 inch Kit

While the soft tube is a great addition, I've found it quite tight and difficult to bend. I've reached out to the seller to see if I can get a replacement. The soft tube makes the light rotate freely for the best position.

Ring light soft tube
soft tube
Ring light for lash technicians
Photo credit: Neewer

A Bluetooth remote shutter enhances the flexibility and quality of photography, making it easier to take photos from a distance without compromising stability or convenience.

Bluetooth remote
Bluetooth remote

I appreciate the long length of the power cord, but occasionally, the socket isn't conveniently located nearby. Usually, I work with a group of Artists and if you're the last one to arrive, you miss out on a good spot. That's why it's wise to carry an extension cord with you.

Extension cord
Extension cord

It's important to consider mobility when using the ring light, especially in a makeup setting where you need to move between your makeup station, checking your client's makeup up-close, and navigating around clients and other artists. It doesn't take up much space and is easy to store, which is definitely a plus. One feature I wish they would consider adding is a battery option.

Phone holder
Phone holder

A cold shoe ball head adapter is included for most DSLR cameras.

ball head adapter
ball head adapter

As a Makeup Artist, carrying heavy and bulky equipment is part of the job, which makes the lightweight design of this set a great addition. When put away, the whole kit can fit in the bag (included). It offers everything I need.

neewer ring light
whole kit fits in this bag

The NEEWER Ring Light 18 inch Kit is currently on sale for $71.19. The price changes frequently on Amazon, so be sure to check back regularly. At this discounted rate, it's a steal! Grab it now.

What's included in the kit:

1 Dimmable 18"/45cm Outer 55W 5600K LED Ring Light

1 61"/155cm Light Stand constructed of aluminum alloy

1 Soft Tube

1 White and Orange Color Filter Set

1 Ball Head Hot Shoe Adapter

1 Universal Power Adapter with Plug

1 Smart Phone Holder

1 Carrying Bag for Ring Light

Manufacturer recommendations:

The light stand is the most stable when the center joint of the legs is 4-8in (10-20cm) from the ground. Please note that raising the legs too high may cause the light stand to fall and damage the ring light.

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